Husky&Me APK

Cultivate the healing game Husky for you.

Version1.0.15 (15)
UpdatedApr 21, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperTwinStarGames Co., Ltd.
CategoryGames, Casual

◈ Adopt a cute huskies.
- You can adopt huskies from pet stores.
- Huskiess have five amazing abilities: intelligence, health point, endurance, communion, and speed.
- Highly capable dogs are quickly sold. So hurry up and buy it.

◈ Gather free gold and free diamonds
- You can collect gold and diamonds through advertising rewards.
- Ad rewards await you in a variety of content, including lobby, dog information window, training center, and pet shop.
- Advertising rewards are open every five minutes.

◈ Do what the huskies want.
- Huskies want to play with you. If you throw the ball, Huskies satisfaction goes up.
- Give me a pet food when I'm hungry. Please put me to sleep when huskies want to. If you fill up the satisfaction level, your skills will go up.
- Meat is huskies favorite specialty. Eating meat increases your ability immediately.

◈ Carry out the mission.
- Move to the village with your husky and you can carry out various missions.
- Go out of town and run on the plains. Hunting can grow huskies.
- If you succeed in the mission, you can earn Gold and Diamonds rewards.
- Sometimes a special mission waits for you outside the village. Record the shortest time through a mission.

◈ Give a gift to the huskies.
- There are dog supplies and rides for huskies in the pet store.
- When you give a huskies a hat, glasses and a house, your abilities increase.
- If you decorate the front yard with rides, the dogs will play happily.

◈ Try dog training.
- You can train huskies through the dog training center.
- After training, husky's abilities such as intelligence, physical strength, endurance, communion, and speed increase a lot.
- You can cut training time by 50 percent by watching commercials.

◈ Participate in the dog sled race.
- Participate the best leader dog into the dog sled race. The prize money is waiting.
- Even if you don't make it to the 1st to 3rd places, you can get the basic prize money.
- You can double the prize money through betting, so try it.

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Discount on husky supplies.

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