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1.0.0 · Jun 11, 2021

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Version1.0.0 (1)
UpdatedJun 11, 2021
DeveloperTokn Tech
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

Hydration tracker - Water reminder app app

Simple and easy to use hydration tracker and water reminder to drink water.

Drink water - Hydration tracker is a simple and easy to use hydration tracker that reminds you to drink water during the day and helps you track your water intake.

Why use Drink water - Hydration tracker?

Recommendations - Drink Water - Hydration tracker app creates customised recommendations based your age, weight, gender, activity levels and ambient temperature to give you an accurate recommendation on the amount of water to drink
Ease of tracking - the intuitive design allows you to track every time you drink water and keep a record of your water intake history. The Drink Water - Hydration tracker app allows you to easily edit or change water input values of past dates
Timely reminders - The timely reminders and easy to update notification settings will make sure you don’t forget when it’s time to drink water.

Why is it important to track your water intake?

Water is important for all functions of the human body.
It is particularly important for keeping the temperature of the body in check
Water is the main constituent of the human body: about 60% of body weight in adult males, 50 to 55% in females
Increasing dehydration with fluid losses of more than 1% leads successively to reductions in exercise performance, in thermoregulation, and in appetite; with
Water deficits of 4% and more cause severe performance decrements as well as difficulties in concentration, headaches, irritability and sleepiness, increases in body temperature and in respiratory rates;
When water deficits continues to exceed 8% death may ensue

What are the water recommendations based on?

Our water recommendations are based on scientific research done by organisations such as the US FDA, the European Food Safety Authority and other international bodies.

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