HydroTilt Live Wallpaper APK

Live interactive wallpaper with water, beer & champagne bubbles!

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJun 07, 2011 (10 years ago)
DeveloperCodeglue BV
CategoryApps, Personalization

Live interactive wallpaper with water, beer & champagne bubbles!

Full set of features:
- Stylish and elegant, doesn't clash or interfere with your icons
- Water or HydroTilt theme
- Beer theme
- Champagne theme
- Reacts on touch input
- Low battery usage
- Runs on phones and tablets (Honeycomb)

David, one of Codeglue's programmers, kept nagging us if we could create a live wallpaper in the style of our HydroTilt game. Sounds good in principle, the only problem with it is that HydroTilt is an iPhone game. So it's a bit silly really. But David persisted, so we finally cracked and gave David green light. The result is a live wallpaper especially made for the pleasure of Codeglue's own staff and which fits surprisingly well with David's own DigiClock widget. But this is purely coincidence, David reassured us. To make this wallpaper also a bit more enjoyable for the rest of you we added a few extra modes as well. One of them is beer (with which Codeglue's not unfamiliair) and the other one is champagne (haven't got a clue). Anyway, these are Codeglue's first baby steps on the Android market, but expect more to come from us in the near future!

If you have any suggestions for features, things we could do better, please send us an email

Email: info@codeglue.com

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