Hypernatremia Correction Rate: Fluid Replacement APK

Calculate fluid replacement correction rate in patient with hypernatremia

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"Hypernatremia Correction Rate: Fluid Replacement" app is designed to help doctor or health professional in treating patient with hypernatremia. Hypernatremia is a condition that occurs when serum sodium level is high (>145 mmol/L). Elevated sodium level is often caused by dehydration. Acute symptomatic hypernatremia should be corrected rapidly while chronic hypernatremia should be corrected more slowly.

Why should you choose "Hypernatremia Correction Rate: Fluid Replacement"?
🔸 Simple and very easy to use.
🔸 Precise calculation with Adrogue formula.
🔸 Selection of most used fluids in treating hypernatremia.
🔸 Correction rate can be adjusted based on clinical judgment.
🔸 The result is showing the amount of selected fluids per hour.
🔸 The result is also showing infusion rate of selected fluids in drops per minute.
🔸 It is totally free. Download now!

"Hypernatremia Correction Rate: Fluid Replacement" app will help doctor to adjust the correction rate to avoid over or under correction of the sodium level. Rapid sodium correction could cause cerebral edema. The calculation in this application is based on Adrogue formula. In "Hypernatremia Correction Rate: Fluid Replacement" app, the result of the calculation will be shown in the amount of selected fluids per hour. This application is also showing infusion rate of selected fluid with drops factors of 20 drops/ml and 15 drops/ml. Therefore, the calculation result is also applicable in a hospital without infusion pump. Correction rate also can be adjusted manually based on clinical judgment.

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