Hypnotoad psychedelic APK

Hypnotoad psychedelic sound and image effect to surprise your friends.

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UpdatedDec 14, 2019 (12 months ago)
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The famous and surprising Hypnotoad on your cell phone carries it everywhere and surprises everyone with its effects of psychedelic sounds and images.

lights is a set of lights (different colors).

It is also known as psychedelic art that imitates, through images and / or sounds, the sensations that are experienced when making use of hallucinogens.

some confuse it with the frog games but it would be necessary to add more functions to be considered a game.

Background Information First appearance "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" Voiced by Synthesizer. Hypnotoad is a large toad-like creature that has large oscillating multicolored eyes, and emits a droning hum. His eyes glow all the time. The toad apparently uses these as a power of hypnotism on surrounding people and animals.Hypnotoad hypnotizes sheep into a pen at a pet contest and then hypnotizes the judges and the audience into awarding him first prize. He is also known to hypnotize crew workers into committing suicide when his show is interrupted and to hypnotize people into writing internet articles about ALL GLORY.

The origins of hypnotoad are unknown, but it is speculated that he is an alien, mutant or a product of genetic engineering. It would also appear that he is the only one of his kind on Earth. However, it is possible that a creature similar in design to the Hypnotoad found on Kif Kroker's homeworld is part of his ancestry also has its own television show called Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. It consists of a stationary camera filming the and his noise continuously. Despite the odd premise behind the show, it ran successfully for over three seasons, possibly because he hypnotized the audience into watching it.

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