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Currently, in the United States, we are in the middle of an addiction crisis, with more people than ever before fighting against substance use disorders. Unfortunately, even for those who receive treatment, maintaining sobriety can be as difficult as achieving it.

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Luckily, we are also in the midst of a rebirth of personal technology, with more tools, knowledge and resources in the palms of our hands than ever before. This includes access to addiction recovery resources in the form of smartphone i am sober applications.

In order to help personalize and help with the recovery process and stay abstinent, these recovery applications could change the way we see post-treatment care, providing a constant link to encouragement, support and experience.

Post-treatment and recovery after treatment have traditionally taken the form of support groups or i am sober programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. While this human element is obviously important, an application of sobriety puts the support group in your pocket and brings sober recovery to the digital age.

While a sober tool application is meant to be just that, a tool and not a substitute for therapy or the treatment of addiction, it can still be extremely beneficial for people in recovery in the following ways:

Not everyone has access to recovery assistance in person. You may not be available where you live, or have responsibilities with your job, school or family that can not attend group meetings regularly.

However, the vast majority of people today have smartphones. These applications are available for download, usually on all phone platforms, for anyone who needs them, and are usually free or only a few dollars. For this reason, a sobriety application could be considered one of the most accessible forms of recovery support.

Whatever the obstacle that may prevent someone from accessing further attention, recovery applications are available on your mobile device.

While a group or AA sponsor can help you sometimes, once out of an addiction treatment program, it is almost impossible to have constant access to a support network. And while you may have to deal with possible triggers wherever you go, your smartphone will go wherever you go.

A sobriety application can provide you with constant access to tips to cope with the situation, encouragement, expert help, emergency chats and more, when you need it.

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