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What is important in this world where people are busy to earn money?

UpdatedFeb 20, 2019 (2 years ago)
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What is important in this world where people are busy to earn money?
Your answer must be peace, family time etc. But what is actually needed is really never recognized. People never understand that if you want your life sorted you should know that why you are here? , why GOD send you in this world? And what is your purpose of life? These three questions can be answered by you only. But there is something which can help you to get all these answers.
That something is History. The history of our GODs, every incident written in holy books taught us something to solve our problems. Namo Bharata is the only place where you can connect yourself with GOD.
Namo Bharata works to connect people and let them know who GOD actually is and how they guide us to move forward in our lives. They built every character weather it is Lord Ram, Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna, every incarnation of GOD is here to solve our problems. Our website is a full package and now to keep this in everybody’s hands we are now going to make our Mobile application.
Lord Krishna said that solution of every problem of Human Being is in Mahabharata. So here we are to let you know what actually it is and how it can change your lives. We here mention important people and important incidents which basically relate to the real life problems and thoughts. And we try to help you in solving your lives problems with easy and simple guidance.
We are also working to connect people with patriotism. In India when someone says I Love India is considered as most valuable. I Love India are three words which an Indian say to show their love towards their country. But we never know who those people were, who really made India and who only lived for India. Namo Bharata is here to tell you how I Love India is originated and how people sacrifice their lives to let you say these three words. True patriotism is described as a person who works hard for the betterment of his country. The one who contributes his bit towards improving the condition of his country in whatever way he can is considered as true patriot. A true patriot does not only work towards building his nation but also inspires other people to do the same for his / her country.
Our blogs give you a full package of spirituality as well as patriotism. We here want to solve people’s live from there complications and help them to lead stress free and beautiful lives. Our namo Bharata mobile application will be going you to say that yes I am relieved and stress free. You will also gather knowledge about the historical moments which are the roots of the HINDUISM.
People can also hand Namo Bharata to their kids to teach them about the Hindu religion and its magical worlds. Today it is observed that kids are very much influenced towards technology and they are going far from relationships and moral values. Namo Bharata helps to build moral values in them and also teach them to use technology for their benefit or we can say to use technology for good deeds.
Through Namo Bharata you can teach your kids difference between good deeds and bad deeds. This can help them in future to recognize good and bad. Our mobile application contains of the entire feature which can connect you spiritually by GOD as well as with inner you.
In Bhagwat geeta Lord Krishna said that “I am everywhere, I am in everyone. Never tries to find me in outside the world because I live in inside you.” This saying of Lord Krishna teaches us that in every living and non-living being there is GOD. So we should give importance to everyone and never tries to degrade them. Everything has its equal importance in this life. This is the basic values which you should develop in your Kids these days, so that they can learn to respect people. They should understand that there is no difference between people of different caste, color and creed.

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