I'm Here - Smart Tracker APK

I'm Here Smart Tracker is a great “Phone Finder” and “Precious item finder!

Version1.3.0 (12)
UpdatedNov 06, 2018 (2 years ago)
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I'm Here Tracker! Press to find the location.
Generates an alarm for disconnection.
* This app works with I'm Here tracker device.
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1. Prevents loss of smart phone and valuables
- If the smart phone and I'm Here tracker falls apart, an alarm will go off on (Wallet, bag, car keys, etc.).

2. If you lose your valuables, the tracker will locate it
- You can view the location of the lost valuables on the map in your smart phone app, I'm Here Smart Tracker.

3. Finding smart phones
- When the smart phone is close to the I'm Here Tracker, you can find your smart phone by pressing the Tracker button twice, quickly.

4. Finding valuables
- You can find your valuables(Wallet, bag, car keys, etc.) in the smart phone app with a touch.

5. Notification of close-up belongings
- At the airport baggage claim area, the smart phone will beep when it is close to the belongings both sides to prevent losses of smart phones and valuables

- The I'm Here Tracker is only a service that helps in preventing loss. it does not 100% prevent the loss of smart phones and items.

- Due to the nature of Bluetooth, which is being susceptible to frequency bands, smart phones may have a loading issue depending on the user environment.

- There can be restrictions depending on the smart phone model when various Bluetooth products are used at the same time.

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