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Free Android GPS location tracker to track the geo-position of children

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UpdatedJun 29, 2015 (5 years ago)
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«I'm Ok Mama - GPS tracker» is a free Android locator for parents whose children often forget to inform them whether they returned home after school, or left for extra-curricular activities. This beacon service allows to you to execute parental control of the children’s location. Now they will not have to feel embarrassed in front of friends, having to report to parents about their movement. Location of the child is determined on the basis of data obtained by GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers.

How location finder works:
1. «I'm Ok Mama - GPS tracker» application must be installed on the Android smartphone of the child.
2. It is necessary to create a «Rule», which indicates the geo-zone (geo-position and radius).
3. You need to specify contact information (e-mail and/or phone number), which will be used to send notifications on triggering of the «Rule».
4. Receive notice and be sure that your child has come to the right place.

Additional features of the application:
1. «The package of 99 Rules». The package makes it possible to acquire additional 99 rules, which will grant the possibility to track a child on a number of geo-fences.
2. «Manual location notification». If necessary, the child may send a notification at any time by means of an e-mail manually. This can be done by clicking on the application’s widget on the home screen of their smartphone. This feature comes in handy when your child appears lost and cannot explain where they are. The application will detect the child’s position and send a notification “Mom I’m here” with a link to a map with geo-position.

- Low battery consumption.
- User registration is not required.
- Installation of the application is required on Android-smartphone of the child only.
- Parents do not need to install any special software. To read the e-mail notification any e-mail client (on the computer, smartphone, tablet) is enough.
- It is not necessary to request the position of the child, an e-mail notification will be sent automatically.
- Unlimited number of e-mail notifications can be sent.
- Ability to view the trajectory of the child per day.
- Geo-position data are not collected and stored on third-party resources. The information is transmitted from the child's to parent's device directly.

Try additional features (SMS notifications and Auto reply with location by SMS-request) with version of application «I’m Ok Mama - GPS tracker Pro».

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