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Ice Princess Craft:❄️ Icy Crafting & Building APK

Be a princess & icy city builder! Magic kingdoms in crafting & building games

Are you ready to meet Elsa and Anna in the best crafting & building game of 2018? Be a beautiful ice princess and have fun in your ice kingdom! Become a city builder, build your own castle and enjoy free games for girls and boys! Play Ice Princess Craft!

More than house building!
What real princess do? Play dollhouse all day? Put a makeup on a pet in the spa? Maybe have fun on waterslide or dress up for a wedding or coronation? You can be an ice princess too! Organize fancy wedding party meetup with ice sculptures and loveable snowman Michel! Treat him like a lovable pet and play together in dollhouse! Become ice queen of city building!

Build your own castle!
As an ice princess you have to live in the similar to dollhouse adorable ice castle! Be a city builder and use your magic to craft anything you want for free! Fall into world of crafting & building. But be careful of icy mania! Dress up is a good choice before tough work like city building of entire icy kingdom!

Go on an adventure!
You can ride a car orMichelsleigh! Maintain your ice kingdom easy way with reindeer sleighs! Be a good ice princess and make ice cream for everyone! Don’t forget about strawberry frosting! You can also make a snowman likeMichel and put a makeup on him! Or prepare a big girls party! You’re an ice princess but also a party girl!

Enjoy minigames!
Do you like ice safari? Survival kit no needed! Use your magic skills to create a wonderful open world! Explore magic kingdoms or go to the spa with a party friend! Do you like dress up games? Play wedding dancing contest or sing a song well known in you icy crafting & building world! You can also take a selfie! Princess knows how to have fun in the best crafting games for girls!

Crafting games - free for all!
Are you ready for adventure with loveable snowman? Princess has many duties! Attend a coronation and finding a solution for every puzzle! Also you have to take care of icy jewels, your dollhouse and find the best sleigh for royal family! Be creative like a city builder and enjoy the best dress up games! Crafting & building games for girls and boys are salt of the earth! Even Michel the snowman and Anna count on you!

Ice Princess Craft features:
*Rule an ice kingdom in a blocky world!
*See ice sculptures of swans!
*Princess games for girls with crafting & building mode!
*Build an ice castle or icy snowman!
*Prepare a girls party or real princess wedding party!
*Love story of your life! Find a party friend or more! Boyfriend or girlfriend!
*Ice cream for everyone!

Icy kingdom, city building games and crafting & building games! All in one! Party, find a date an eat ice cream in the best craft games for girls and boy of 2018! Play Ice Princess Craft! FOR FREE!


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