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coordinate conversion? iConv!

Version4.10 (26)
UpdatedJul 05, 2015 (5 years ago)
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iConv can convert coordinates from/to Gauss Boaga, Cassini, UTM and latitude/longitude.
It also maintains a transformations report who contains all the data.
You can also acquire a fix from the GPS system evaluating the satellite status and the intensity of the signal.

The precision of the fixes acquired with the GPS system depends on the sensibility of your GPS and on the athmospheric conditions.


1) transformation between a reference system and another;
2) fix acquisition from GPS with compass and bubble level;
3) configuration of the emission origin of the Cassini-Soldner system;
4) Gauss-Boaga timezone configuration;
5) support for UTM system, datum ED50 and WGS84;
6) support for MGRS coordinate system;
7) transformation registry that can be saved as HTML and CSV
8) Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps integration,
9) support for Web Mercator reference system.

What's New

Fixed MGRS convresion algorithm in the southern emisphere (4.10)

Fixed MGRS conversion algorithm (4.9)
Coordinate output in decimal minutes (4.9)

Fixes for the registry (4.8)

Fixes for Android 2 devices support (4.7)

Fixes (4.6)

WebMercator projection support (4.5)
Restyling (4.5)

Sharing of the conversions results and of the report (4.4)

Fixed settings screen. East and West were inverted in the Gauss-Boaga timezone settings configuration (4.3)

Email: graphmouse@gmail.com

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