2 Pics 1 Phrase Word Game APK

Lihatlah dua gambar dan menebak frase. Jam menyenangkan untuk seluruh keluarga!

Versi1.0.6 (6)
Diupdate30 Mar 2014 (7 tahun yang lalu)
DeveloperSGG Entertainment
KategoriGame, Kata

More word fun for those who enjoyed word games with pictures. Look at two pictures and guess a popular phrase, expression or idiom.
Some levels are EASY AS PIE, some are CHILD'S PLAY, some are more of a STUMBLING BLOCK, but if you find yourself IN A PICKLE, PUT ON YOUR BRAVE FACE and HANG IN THERE until you SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL :)

This word game
• has 160 phrases, expressions or idioms to guess
• helps keep your brain sharp
• works in three languages (English, French and Russian)

Hours of fun for the entire family! Can you guess the phrase?

Email: support@secondgeargames.com

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