Grid games (crossword & sudoku puzzles) APK

Memecahkan arrowword, teka-teki silang, sudoku dan teka-teki takuzu di ponsel atau tablet.

Versi2.5.5 (5090)
Diupdate19 Nov 2020 (3 bulan yang lalu)
KategoriGame, Kata

Solve arrowword, crossword, sudoku and takuzu puzzles right on your smartphone or tablet.

- crosswords, takuzu, sudoku in the same app!
- auto-save
- get a hint or the complete solution when you want
- check for errors
- save multiple states of a puzzle to try different possibilities
- pencil marks (sudoku)
- pinch to zoom (or double tap)
- search a word on the Internet
- multiple difficulty levels

Many puzzles are regularly added.

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Email: android@nghs.fr

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