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Boggle - versi aplikasi sederhana dari gim kata klasik.

Versi2.3.1 (57)
Diupdate29 Okt 2020 (4 bulan yang lalu)
DeveloperNever Ads
KategoriGame, Kata

No ads, no data-collection, no cost. Ever.

--- Play solo or with a friend! ---

1. Connect letters to make words before the timer runs out.
2. Check your score when time is up.
- Longer words are worth more points.
- If playing with a friend, you get credit for your unique words.
3. You can adjust the timer to make each game shorter or longer.
4. Customize the dictionary by adding/removing words.
5. Look-up definitions to improve your vocabulary!

Yang Baru

- Major -
(1) Those occasional repeat-games? Gone forever! 🎉🥰 From now on, even if you play 100 games each day for a year, you won't find any repeats. (We have it tested, so we're super sure. 😉)
(2) The multiplayer screen now mentions that you'll need the same the app-version to stay in sync. (Can't mix the old and the new, I'm afraid. 😔)

- Minor -
(1) Fixed some tiny bugs with the dictionary.

- As Always -
No ads, no data-collection, no cost. Ever. 💚

Email: never.ads.info@gmail.com

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