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Versi1.4.11.60-EN (60)
Diupdate02 Des 2020 (3 bulan yang lalu)
DeveloperAnton Kumbralyov
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A keyword (codeword) is a crossword puzzle that has numerals which replace letters. Its distinctive feature is the lack of definitions for words. In a codeword, each numeral corresponds to only one specific letter. The goal of the puzzle is to restore the original encrypted crossword puzzle. The game is unique because it is a numerical, verbal and logical puzzle at the same time!

Game Features:
— all codewords are free and you can solve them without the Internet (offline);
— several sizes options— 10x10, 10x15, 12x15, etc.;
— if you find the codeword too difficult, you can use the hints;
— at any time, you can postpone the solving of the numeric crossword puzzle and start to solve another, but you can restart the solving of the postponed puzzle again later.
— autocompleting the guessed letters;
— checking the correctness of codeword filling;
— highlighting of suggested letters;
— scalability of codeword field, key table and alphabet;
— the ability to move the key table and the alphabet to the left or to the right in a horizontal orientation;
— the ability to expand/collapse the key table and alphabet;
— you can choose: open a word when starting a new codeword puzzle or open a few (up to 5) random letters.

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