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Each level of the game contains a small riddle. Use letters to enter the answer and coins to receive a hint.

RIDDLES. While solving the riddles you are going to find yourself smiling, discovering new things and sometimes reminiscing about your childhood : )

BOSSES. The game contains several boss-challenges, which are riddles of increased difficulty. What makes them so tricky is yet to be found out during the game ; )

UNIVERSE. Hundreds of modern original riddles are waiting for you! These usually resemble questions in a quiz or a crossword. Some riddles might have a catch.

FOR EVERYONE. The game distinguishes two levels of difficulty, a mode for adults and one for students. By being separate from one another, they have completely independent walkthroughs.

JOY. Almost each of the levels contains hidden gifts and intellectual presents, which could possibly only evoke positive emotions ) Be careful when looking underneath the letters O_o

Test your problem solving skills, intelligence, factual knowledge, flexibility, sense of humour, the ability to think outside the box, language skills, being comfortable with puns : )

This is quite possibly the best thing that has happened in the world of riddles in recent time : )

Yang Baru

The Book of Pies has been added. Now, everything you found underneath letters can be read once again : ) Check it out!

Email: riddles.mailbox@gmail.com

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