Scary Hotel S-Zero: Escape from the Horror game APK

Tahukah Anda bagaimana wajah horor itu? apakah kamu cukup berani untuk membantu Hari?

Versi1.4.3 (16)
Diupdate23 Jan 2021 (1 bulan yang lalu)
DeveloperIndieFist Horror Games
KategoriGame, Arkade

Do you search for the best horror games in 2021? do you like scary games with different puzzles to escape? Let us talk about this terrific game!
How was the evil corporation that tries to subdue the human race created?
Who was Hari and what led her to discover the horror in a Hotel 40 years ago?
Are you ready to discover the truth? Get ready with this scary game!

Many people are not prepared to know the truth, so this adventure will bring out the bravest of you, help Hari to find her parents and discover who the evil Lord is and what he plans for the other inhabitants of the city.
Enter the dark hotel and evade the dangers of terror in a dark and overwhelming environment.

If you like horror games, these are some of the features that you will find:
* Overwhelming atmosphere and suspense.
* Terrifying enemy and strange characters.
* Atmosphere of suspense

You will have to help Hari to discover Lord's plans by solving situations in limited time and finding the key to the exit.

If you have comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us at media@indiefist.com

Yang Baru

Version 1.4.2 Hunter Jumpscare Fixed & Cutscene
Hunter npc was fixed. (new jumpscare)
Writer "moonwalk" in the door fixed! ;)
Minor bug was fixed.
Waiting for your comments and suggestion :)

Email: frank@indiefist.com

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