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Word Crack adalah permainan kata multi-pengguna yang dapat Anda mainkan melawan teman-teman Anda.

Versi4.3.6 (280)
Diupdate21 Jan 2021 (1 bulan yang lalu)
KategoriGame, Kata

From the creators of Trivia Crack comes a new version of the game that took the world by storm. Train your brain, unleash your vocabulary and show off how much you know.

• Play with your friends
• Try out brand new powerups
• Broaden your vocabulary
• Take on a new challenge: Guess the word
• Enjoy classic mode
• Increase your score by using multipliers

Place words!
Sharpen your strategy, use your tiles and earn points to beat your opponents.

New powerups!
Buy them in the shop to earn more points and defeat your opponents.

Guess the word!
The only clue is a picture, can you rearrange the letters to find out what word it represents?

Take advantage of multipliers!
They are the key to success, use them wisely to boost your points. There's a bonus if you lay down all 7 letters on your rack.

Train your brain!
Improve your vocabulary with every game.

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