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Dec 6, 2022
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ID Pocket: Identity wallet APP

With ID Pocket, you can store digital copies of the documents currently in your physical wallet. You can also store verified digital credentials and use them online and in-person.

- Capture, store and easily display images of the paper documents currently stored in your physical wallet, such as loyalty cards, insurance cards, membership cards, identity documents and medical information, including vaccination status.

- Scan and store verified digital identity credentials, then present them to others who request them.

- Securely and confidently communicate and send documents to your connections.

- Own and control your data. There is no central service that can see or use your data. Private by design.

- Reduce the size and weight of your physical wallet by removing all documents where you don't need to present a paper copy.

As Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) becomes more commonplace, you can store and use Verifiable Credentials. For those documents that don't require verification, you'll be able to present digital images.
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