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DeveloperPanasonic Corporation
KategoriAplikasi, Fotografi

Aplikasi 4K Pre-Burst

Toko 3 detik sekitar tombol rana tekan, dan memungkinkan Anda memilih gambar terbaik.

The LUMIX digital camera with 4K support lets you capture the best shot every time.

Downloading this application will enable you to use the 4K Pre-Burst and 4K PhotoCapture functions.

[4K Pre-Burst]
Lets you capture the subject at precisely the right moment, so you get just the photo you want.
Stores images for a span of 3 seconds, with the moment you pressed the shutter button at the center, and you can pick the shot that came out best right on the spot.

• Photos are captured in 4K resolution (3840 × 2160), so they look gorgeous.
• Records the moments immediately before and after you press the shutter, so the precise instant you want is captured.
• The shutter speed changes to get the best results with moving subjects.
• Easy operation lets you enjoy picking just the right moment.
• You can extract still photos from previously recorded burst files.

[4K PhotoCapture]
Lets you extract still photos from video recorded using the camera of the DMC-CM1/DMC-CM10.

• You can extract still photos in the original size from any video recorded using the DMC-CM1/DMC-CM10.
• The smooth frame-advance functionality lets you enjoy picking just the right moment.

This application works only with the DMC-CM1/DMC-CM10 Panasonic digital camera. It cannot be installed on other devices.
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