Dapat diakses oleh Agen yang berafiliasi ABSLI, mapp adalah pusat layanan untuk Penerbitan Kebijakan.


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11 Agt 2021
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Aplikasi ABSLI mAPP

Presenting the revamped ABSLI mApp for use by designated ABSLI affiliated Users.

Using the ABSLI mApp, Users can view products, generate illustration, use camera integrated functionality to capture images of documents and upload them and submit the details for Policy Issuance.

The updated mApp presents ABSLI Users with a multitude of features, including
1. Offline capability - Now use mApp to create offline application up to Review and acceptance without internet connection
2. Continue anywhere - Seamlessly synch application between mApp and web version of ABSLI eapp
3. Fast performance - The updated mApp now allows you to complete your ABSLI application in under 10 minutes with just your mobile device.

So what are you waiting for, Upgrade to the latest version of the ABSLI mApp now.
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