Game Simulasi Strategi Santai<br>dengan karakter menawan!


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10 Jun 2020
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Game Angelic universe

New concept military SF casual strategy simulation game!
Strategically produce and deploy units of various armies, defeat the enemy and occupy the planet!

1. Dynamic Battle Gods
- A lot of fire between the two team units at the same time!
- Flamboyant effect and various attack motions!
- By various variables, different battle scenes every time!

2. Attractive characters
- An individual unit consisting of human beings, water-ins, elves and mecanics!
- Operation of various firearms and armoured weapons!
- The setting of the characters and the special ability to match them!

3. Diverse Strategicities
- Management of resources and production of units!
- Provide variables for unit placement through launch method!
- Strategies through unit abilities and special abilities!
- The occupation of the enemy planet and the defense of our planet!

4. What to enjoy with additional content
- The presence of growth factors through unit level!
- A sense of accomplishment that studies new units and develops them step by step!
- View various information such as unit information and history!
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