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NamaCryptogram Trivia APK
Versi1.1.0 (2)
Diupdate22 Mei 2021
KategoriGame, Teka-teki

Game Cryptogram Trivia

Cryptogram Trivia is a cryptogram puzzle game improves your intelligence, memory

Cryptogram Trivia is a puzzle game. The cryptogram game that people of all ages can play with fun. A cryptogram is a word puzzle featuring encrypted text that the user decrypts to reveal a message. Solving cryptograms puzzles improve your intelligence, memory, knowledge and speed of thinking abilities.

These are the general contents of the questions in the Cryptogram Trivia;
-Geographic words
-Art words
-Sports words
-Countries and capitals
-Artists and artworks
-Sports terms

The best app for serious cryptogram / cryptoquip solvers. Designed from scratch for fast quality play, this cryptogram app allows you to concentrate on solving the puzzle. It’s one of the best time-killers that feeds your brain in two dimensions: first, it is the tool where one can break the code, second, as a reward it makes you wiser by acquiring the wisdom of a great personality. The game has a level system that rises from easy to hard.

More than two hundred hand-picked cryptogram puzzles are organized into ten popular categories like Ancient Wisdom, Celebrities, Comedy, Philosophy, Politicians and Sports. When you solve the puzzle, you can see how long tıme it took to finish and what the reward for you.

If you like word games or logic puzzles, Cryptogram Trivia are a fun way to exercise your brain!

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