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31 Agt 2015

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Dead Zombies Shootout VR GAME

Presenting VR version of Dead Zombies Shootout... now enjoy the game in Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard Glasses. Free your hands now.... just gearup the google glasses and play game.

Dead Zombies Shootout looks to offer a bit of variety with its emphasis on full body 360 move around, accelerometer fetured, pattern memorization, and precision. You have to locate zombies around; move aroumd to locate zombies coming to you from all the sides front, back, both sides.... your radar will be helpful for detection of the blood thirsty zombies coming to you... You would find much in terms of deep gameplay and impressive visuals, and has simple controls. Dead Zombies Shootout 3D extremely approachable gameplay combined with its wealth of content make it well worth a try.

Taking place in an assumed post-apocalyptic zombie-infested land, Dead Zombies Shootout charges you with leading the protagonist across a variety of locales in search of the cash to buy new more powerfull weapons. Along the way you'll encounter hordes of zombies coming at you in a wide variety of formations. Fortunately, you'll have several weapons at your disposal - from the simple handgun to machine guns that splits the zombies into pieces when you tap shoot button on the screen. In other words, it's a perfect game to play when you're bored during a break or on the bus or wherever else you may want a specifically landscape, physical movement game. Every time you kill a zombie you get a set amount of cash which you can then later use to unlock and purchase new weapons or upgrades to current weapons; this also includes dual controls as you suite for killing zombies comfortably.

How to set things:

+ Click app to play on your smartphone
+ Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard
+ Rotate lens for proper focus
+ Wear your google glasses
+ Enjoy the shooting zombies in VR world

Movement Controls:

+ Move around physically to locate the zombies
+ Shooting is simple, just look at the zombies coming towards you... automatically fire will start and zomby s killed. You have complete 360 degrees of vision
+ To kill zombies at your back... turn around and fire

How To Play:

- Move around physically to locate incoming zombies coming to kill you
- Try to locate zombies with there sound direction
- Just locate zomby ... fire will start automatically
- Guns will come in between the game... just look at them for 5 seconds... the particular gun will be selected

Game Features:

- Dead Zombies Shootout is pure physical movement game
- It is now in fully VR version
- It’s an action-packed game filled to the brim with enjoyable survival elements.
- It has some brilliant content packed in it
- Lively visuals
- Diverse and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.
- Pure open world madness
- Large scale zombies attacking from all sides
- A horror-themed first-person shooting game
- Gripping and detailed environment
- Gorgeous graphics

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