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Versi Terbaru

NamaFB Liker APK
Versi2.1.0 (210)
Diupdate20 Sep 2019
DeveloperLiker Apps
KategoriAplikasi, Sosial

Aplikasi FB Liker

get likes on your Facebook account and pages.

FB Liker is a state of the art app that allows users to receive heaps of likes from people who don’t even like your posts. Like its name suggest FB Liker is an Android platform app which gives users automatic Likes on Facebook.

How to Use:

  • The app only requires a sign in with your official Facebook account.
  • Select the post that you would love to have additional Likes.
  • Wait while the app does its work.
  • In just few seconds, Likes are going to roll in.

Precautions while using app:

Users must take in account the following precautions when using this app.

  • Profile must be set to public.
  • The post that you want to have additional Likes must be made public.

Even if one of the above mentioned points is not done, the process of getting likes is unsuccessful.

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