Mod khusus untuk penggemar Pico untuk menikmati malam funkin mereka di Full Pico series Mod


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31 Agt 2022

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FNF Pico Funkin Series Mod GAME

Pico is the antagonist of Week 3 in Friday night funkin, a background character in Week 5, a supporting character in Week 7. Now, he is a playable protagonist of this special series mod. Pico is known as an exceptionally skilled gunman with a talent for shooting. However, in this mod, the developer created a funkin jorney to tell every one more detail about Pico life. So, let's join us now to enjoy funkin rhythm with serveral catchy songs from Pico.

There are so many funkin characters provided in this mod like Darnell, Nene, Piconjo, Alucard, Dusttale,... They are Pico's friends, ex-lover,... Someone even has very complicated relationships with Pico by unknown reasons in Friday night funkin, such as:
- Boyfriend used to date Pico. It is known that the reason for their breakup is "complicated".
- Darnell and Pico are close friends after Darnell invited Pico to come his house to practise on a DJ turntable. However, Darnell and Pico fight each other for a currently unknown reason.
- Nene and Pico have been stated to be friends, though their interactions have often involved her telling Pico about how she wants him to let her die. In Resident Pico, she warns Pico about the zombies and tells him to run, showing that she does care about his safety. However, Nene attacks Pico with knives as he runs from her, the reasoning for this being unclear currently.
- Tankman is very rude to Pico, as he mocks him about the tragic incident in Pico's School. Pico, on the other hand, is excited to kill many of his soldiers, but he doesn't attempt to kill Tankman himself, even after the latter slanders him.

- Feel funkin rhythm to tap the arrows perfectly match.
- Try your best to get the highest score point.
- Challenge your finger with different levels and difficulties mode.
- Beat all enemies! Rock the beat! Dance with Pico! Exprience Pico journey to know more about him!

- Super easy gameplay, NO need wifi
- Full weeks full songs Full Pico mods
- Huge chance to beat FNF enemies (Dusttale, Tankman, Nene,...)
- Bunch of fantastic backgrounds and amazing sound effects.
- Be added more catchy songs, funkin context.
- Be updated monthly!

Have fun!
Enjoy this FNF music game!
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