Anda bermain sebagai SoniiC Metal di Bad Future Mod, Dan melawan Cursed Sonick di EXE 3.0


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20 Sep 2022
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Fnf Sonik.EXE 3.0 Chaos Night GAME

Today is Sunday Night. You feel you need to throw a party this night. What should you do to get rid of that bad feeling? Enjoy our funkin music battle to meet some new friends. They are Metal Sonik, Exe, Curse, Tricky, Agoti, Kapi, Flippy, Tord, Matt, Sonik 3.0, and etc.

You play as SoniiC Metal in Bad Future Mod, And versus Cursed Sonick in this amazing & Scary Sonik Tail's Chaos Nightmare FNF Beat Battle dancing music mod.

You just need to tap the arrow when they perfectly match to get the highest score as much as you can to become stick your name on top of the cupboard.

> Feel funkin rhythm to tap the arrows perfectly match.
> Challenge your finger with different levels and difficulties mode.
> Beat all enemies! Feel the Rhythm and the beat! Dance with cg5!
> Score the highest!

- Super easy gameplay
- Full weeks full FNF songs.
- Bunch of fantastic backgrounds and amazing sound effects.
- Be added more catchy songs, funkin context.
- Update new mods and new features frequently.
- Play offline anywhere.

With SONIIC.EXE FNF Beat Battle you can play as SONIIC EXE FNF Amazing Graphics and sound effect. In Friday Funny Mod SONIIC.EXE FNF, you will face a lot of other characters from Soniik EXE FNF Mod.

Have fun with this game! Feel Funkin rhythms! Dance with cg5! And enjoy this funkin music party!
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