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Versi Terbaru

NamaSurgebook APK
Versi2.5.6 (76)
Diupdate09 Jul 2021
KategoriAplikasi, Buku & Referensi

Aplikasi Free books and poems

Surgebook - adalah jaringan sosial untuk pembaca dan penulis.

Surgebook - is a social network, community, library, creative workshop, where anyone desirous can create his own content in form of books, diaries, short stories, poems and share it with other users.

Authors use Surgebook to publish their books and connect with readers. Readers use Surgebook to find cool things to read and follow their favourite authors.
Surgebook is democratising publishing. It has never been easier to create books, publish them and connect with readers. We're making eBooks and major distribution channels more accessible than ever, and majorly disrupting the traditional discovery model. Authors can now be uncovered by readers, before they've even finished their books.

Surgebook - is unique and completely unpaid, free from publishing frames books, which you will not find in any paid store.

These books are in free form and content, and therefore much closer to readers. Surgebook - is absolutely free library, which breaks all mainstream publishing rules and stereotypes, almighty "format".This is the place where readers and writers create,
develop and learn from each other together.

The application will be interesting for as well as readers,novice and experienced writers, bloggers.

For creativity and self-expression.

Allows to self-fulfilling.
It gives unlimited self-expression freedom.
Helps in finding yourself. Fills life with joy moments. Helps to realize greatest ambitions. Motivates to strive for the great. Helps in self-development and self-knowledge. Allows you to save and capture important thoughts, ideas, events.

Surgebook will be useful to all who have the overwhelming desire to tell something to others.

To all who are constantly in an endless thoughts and refltctions stream.


* Read books for free;
* Publish your own materials (books, poems);
* Subscribe to interesting authors;
* Gather your own audience and fans;
* Communicate and discuss;
* Create interesting content and improve existing together;
* Use free text editor.
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