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NamaGenereal Science Book APK
Versi1.1 (2)
Diupdate03 Mar 2021
KategoriAplikasi, Buku & Referensi

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Genereal Science Book for preparing exam and knowledge

General Science Book specially designed for schools, colleges and competitive examinations.
Complete General Knowledge book on General Science
General Science Complete Book is one of the best learning book on Science, it covers almost all the important categories of General Science.
General Knowledge Science app helps user to sharpening their knowledge and senses, help them to prepare for exams or tests which are based on all branches of Sciences and helps them to increase their knowledge
The General science quiz includes the different questions of earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, formal science, mathematics logic, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, branches of science, psychology, sociology, astronomy, geoscience etc...
Salient Features:
• Branches of Science
• Phobias
• Elements
• Sciences and Scientists
• Mechanics
• Waves and Optics
• Thermal physics
• Space, Time and direction
• Medical Abbreviations
• ftce general knowledge test strategy
• Pti
• General knowledge mcqs with answers 2018
• Minerals & Nutrients
• Vitamins
• general knowledge triviaa
• Operating System
• Periodic Table
• Universal Constants
• Universal Measurements
• Physics Quantities and Units
• Biological Instruments
• Physics Instruments
• Chemistry Instruments
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