Godzilla VS King Kong Sounds APK

Godzilla VS King Kong Sounds


Raungan King Kong vs Godzilla telah tiba untuk memulai pertempuran monsterverse!


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31 Mei 2021
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Hi, if you like Japanese monster cartoons🗾🎌, you must know a monster named Godzilla. In legend, Godzilla🦖 looks like a large dinosaur, but he has thick scales and great strength. Godzilla can draw fire from his mouth. In some comics, Godzilla fights Kong. King Kong🦍 is the king of the apes who spent his life on Skull Island and is a friend of humans.

With this button you can reproduce the roar of Godzilla🦖 against the roar of King Kong🦍. What team are you from?

You can watch Godzilla vs Kong battle in this app in sound form. Who will win?🦍🔥🦖


1.-High quality sound 🔊🔊

2.-Share the application to anyone by mail, social networks ... 📩

3.-Rate the application🥇

4.-Consult the privacy policies at any time🔐

5.-See all the other apps of the developer

6.-Funny Gif, it is activated when the button is pressed
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