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10 Des 2019

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Instagram Followers Boost Jarvee Automation Guide APP

Do you have an Instagram profile? wish to get more followers and engagements?
You're at the right place!

In our course of getting more insta followers you'll learn everything you need to know about how to promote content in the social media organically.

So what are you going to get inside the free guide?

📸How to create the perfect feed

In this part of the course, we’ll mainly discuss the most crucial parts in making process on IG- making great content that your audience would love and engage with!

The platform of Instagram became a worldwide hit in the past years. Many people use it for marketing or just sharing their lives. 1 of the main goals of any profile is to gain more and more followers, a goal that you can achieve with the right strategy and a few more techniques and points that we’ll learn about inside the course.

📸Using Stories

As everybody now, IG stories this nowadays is like a ‘spin off’ platform by itself. Statistics show how people sometimes prefer to check what’s new there and skip scrolling the feed!

We can explain it because the speed of media consuming and see live what our friends are doing (and let’s not forget the curiosity…)

📸Hashtags Techniques

Hashtags are not just nice and cool sign that we put before words in life or social. Using several techniques can actually give any profile free and organic explosion on IG, and if you have good content and interesting feed- your number of followers will get bigger in the long and the short term.

But what it’s even mean? Hashtags are the way give the algorithm an idea of what our posts are about and by that- divide it into categories. Sounds pretty easy right?

The problem is that every hashtag send users to a long lists of posts, depends on the keyword of course. If the profile is new or don’t have millions of followers, there is a big chance that general hashtags like #dog make the content to disappear on this category.

📸Instagram Automation it’s a definition for all of the actions you can do automatically in IG – likes, follow, unfollow, story viewers, DM and more.

There were many great tools which allowed to do so until Instagram decided to fight against all of these tools(officially called AASS tools) and most of them are gone, the ones that still work at the moment are called ‘Jarvee’, ‘Mass Planer’ and a few more.

Are you still here? Download now the Instagram followers boost guide for free!.
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