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Hero Rescue 2 puzzle


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NamaHero Rescue 2 APK
Versi0.1 (1)
Diupdate20 Feb 2021
KategoriGame, Teka-teki

Game Hero Rescue 2 puzzle

Search for treasure, save the princess, and be a hero.

If you are looking for an adventure role-playing game that mixes up many of today's most popular game genres such as battery drain, puzzle solving, digging, search for treasure, ... then Hero Rescue 2 puzzle is the perfect choice. perfect for you!
* Find the treasure and become the richest and most generous knight in the kingdom!
* Save the princess from danger so she can feel your love
* Browse the rooms and choose from different actions: only one option to win
* Take down your enemies by throwing them into lava, poisoning him, picking up your weapons to fight him or making them fight by draining batteries
* Brain training 🧠. Challenging puzzles that challenge your brain. Try out different ways of playing as these are logical puzzles.
* Cool music, funny sounds, images and graphics to help you relax, relieve fatigue
* Team up with friends and other players - the fastest way through all the levels
* Offline and free puzzle game. You can play anytime 🎮
* Amazing puzzle game to pass the time and it makes you think!
* Regularly update new levels.

Does that sound interesting? play Hero Rescue 2 puzzle now for FREE and enjoy challenging and unique puzzles! 🧩

Hero Rescue 2 puzzle is an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hero Rescue, their management, or record label.
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