invygo: monthly car rental APK

invygo: monthly car rental


Sewa mobil di Dubai dan di seluruh UEA. Jeda, Beralih, atau Tingkatkan.


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25 Mei 2022
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Aplikasi invygo: monthly car rental

At invygo – we believe everyone should have access to a car, whether they want to subscribe or own.
Subscribe to a car or lease one through your phone. Drive it for as little as one month or as long as you want – return it to us when you travel or buy it off of us – it’s all in your hands (literally).

Regardless of the option you select, we offer:
Instant approval:
- No complicated paperwork
- No bank statements
- No salary certificate required
- No guarantor required

Transparent financing:
- No deposit
- 0 penalties at cancellation
- 1 all-inclusive fee – monthly fee, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance

Free delivery
All in one app

How it works:
Select the model that suits you best and we’ll deliver the car to you!
Subscribe to a car on a monthly basis:
Select your contract term (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months)
Pay one all-inclusive fee
Get the exact car you select (down to the mileage)
After your 30 days – SWAP your car or DROP the subscription

Lease a car:
Brand new cars
Choose the specs you want, the color you want, and we’ll deliver it to you for free
Pay one monthly all-inclusive fee

Subscribe to own: [NEW]
The first app to provide a subscription-to-own model. We are 100% digital, fully transparent, and consumer-focused.
Select the contract term you want (24 months or 36 months)
Pay one all-inclusive fee
At the end of your term – you have the option to close the amount and “buy the car”
Need to cancel half-way through? No worries, there’s no penalty here – simply return the car.
Better than traditional lease-to-own offerings - as the invygo price is all-inclusive (Maintenance, Servicing, and Accident Support)

Some more benefits worthy of note:
You can add a second driver to any of our options
Choose between full insurance or standard
Select the mileage that suits you best
All our cars are dealer certified
24/7 support team

There is a better way to have access to a car than invygo. We Keep You Moving.
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