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NamaJoshFarm APK
Versi1.0 (1)
KategoriAplikasi, Bisnis

Aplikasi JoshFarm

Joshfarm memungkinkan semua orang untuk berpartisipasi dalam Agribisnis dengan keuntungan yang menarik

JoshFarm is a digital business platform that enables everyone the opportunity to participate in Agribusiness with the use of crowdfunding whereby resources are pulled together to carry out farming activities.

This APP offers you an opportunity to fund a farmer, stay in touch with the progress with detailed updates as well as earn a profit at the end of a farming cycle.

We have an ecosystem which matches investors and farmers together, to execute profitable farming ventures. We are an investment platform, solely for farming businesses.

Our network spans across about 800 participants, which includes value chain members, off takers, farmers, agronomists, farm extension workers, vet doctors.

Doing business with us translates to helping farmers increase productivity while you earn - a win win situation for the farmers, investors and everyone involved.

We cover the end to end transaction, which starts from the supply of high yielding seeds, to the crop planting and management and maintenance, until harvest time, we then take over the produce and deliver to the off takers and get paid at the agreed time, we have series of insurance covers to mitigate the risks in the business.

What that means is that you can be actively involved in farming from the comfort of your home or office, while your funds are used to empower farmers to produce more crops and livestock.

JoshFarm is safe as secure as it is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCIDSS compliant (the highest form of security required by CBN).

All our activities are also insured by……..

Let’s farm together
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