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Versi Terbaru

NamaKingsong APK
Versi3.6.24 (75)
Diupdate18 Sep 2021
DeveloperKingsong Intell Co., LTD
KategoriAplikasi, Kesehatan & Kebugaran

Aplikasi Kingsong

Kingsong Electric Unicycle Manager

We are currently adapting to Android11. Please do not update the phone system to Android11 before this. We apologize for this.

Kingsong APP provide below services for riders
EUC Service Connectivity: Fully access to vehicle informations anddata.analysis.Decoding: Provide users with a secure decoding service, users can bind their own multiple devices.Settings: lighting, speed, cycling mode, music, customize your unicycle.
"Riders Interaction"
Post: Upload images or videos and share your amazing moments.
Riders interaction: chat, comment, like, etc.
Leaderboard: Daily list, weekly list, total list, now get your unicycle refresh the record!
Nearby riders: More comprehensive screening conditions, cycling with your good friends!
If you encounter any problems while using the App, please contact us:
Me- >> Help and feedback - >> Contact the service, or submit a feedback to us. Thank you!
Suggested Revision

App for KingSong electric unicycles and scooters. Android version.

If you own a KingSong unicycle or scooter you will want this app that lets you view and change configuration settings and also view key status information in real-time. This app also allows you to interact with the community of KingSong enthusiasts.

Real-time information (Vehicle):
speed (current, max, average), distance (trip, total, remaining), battery capacity, internal temperature, trip tracker, other status info

Settings (Vehicle and App):
max speed, riding mode, sidelight, nightlight, vehicle lock, audible alerts, speaker volume, motor disengage sensor, horizontal calibration, language, units (mi/hr, km/hr)

leaderboard, riders nearby, social sharing and following

user manual and contact support from within the app
Mine- >> Help and feedback - >> Contact the service
You can also submit feedback to us using the Contact page on our website.
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