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Versi Terbaru

NamaKnives Out APK
Versi1.275.479303 (156)
Diupdate31 Des 2021
DeveloperNetEase Games
KategoriGame, Petualangan

Game Knives Out

Lompat ke arena yang semakin ketat dan jadilah yang terakhir bertahan!

Knives Out Season 21 goes live!

【Five players in a group, A hundred players in a battle! 】
Five players in a group, a hundred players in a battle! Working with teammates to live to the end!

【Can you survive to the next second? 】
Footsteps are closing, gunshots are ringing in your ears and crisis are everywhere! Can you survive to the next second?

【Violent confrontation, Fierce battle!】
Collide fiercely with enemies’ vehicles! Survival is only in one moment!

【Creative and Fresh leisure gameplay!】
Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight... A lot of creative leisure games are constantly updated, and you can find the most suitable one!
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