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NamaLabyrinth Lite APK
Versi1.5.2 (18)
Diupdate04 Mei 2015
DeveloperIllusion Labs
KategoriGame, Arkade

Game Labyrinth Lite

Labyrinth adalah permainan klasik di mana Anda mengontrol bola dengan memiringkan labirin.

Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. This is the lite version with 20 fully playable levels and you can easily create 10 more of your very own. The full version has over 1000 (yes one thousand) levels. Search for Labyrinth to find it.

- 60 FPS (Where supported)
- Shadows.
- Optional 3d-walls, changing perspective when tilting phone.
- Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makes it possible to slide on a hole edge without falling.
- A carpenter level with calibration.
- Autosaving of completed levels.
- Easy starting levels for newbie players.
- Sound.
- Tactile feedback.
- Many more...
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