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Versi1.0.0 (10000)
Diupdate26 Feb 2021
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Aplikasi Learn to drive cars

Learn to drive any car quickly, comfortably and safely

We have all wished for the time to be able to drive a car for the first time. But when it comes time to get down to it, we need to have some notions about what we have to do, where each control or pedal is located, how we regulate the rear view mirrors, how many gears our vehicle has and how to put them ... for this, we go to the driving school, but these lessons there are usually too expensive, right? Here you will find all those notions that you need to have to get to it, without stress, comfortably and at your own pace. You will learn all the theory you need to know to get into a vehicle, be able to start it and get going with it without any problem.
We explain the type of keypads that you can find in each car, the type of changes, either automatic or manual. How many gears can our car have and how to use them. Where all those functions that you need to drive can be located, such as the windshield wiper, vision lights, special lights, emergency lights and their symbols. How different is it from a front or rear wheel drive vehicle. How to start to take a car for the first time indicating the form of play that you have to do with the pedals and the gear lever. How to park correctly from the positioning until our vehicle is already parked. How to adapt our driving depending on the terrain, if it is firm, slippery, a ramp ...
Because not necessarily everything has to be learned by making an outlay. Take advantage of the learning technology that you have at your disposal.
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