Live Wallpapers Parallax Hologram 4K HD APK

Live Wallpapers Parallax Hologram 4K HD


Wallpaper hidup Parallax gratis. Latar belakang platform sosial HD 4K. Pembaruan harian


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20 Jul 2020
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Aplikasi Live Wallpapers Parallax Hologram 4K HD

Do you constantly switch your live wallpapers and get bored of them very quickly? This unique free parallax live wallpaper app will bring another 3D dimension to your homescreen in 4K. Multi-layered parallax backgrounds redefine the concept of the live wallpaper.

This app is more than just live wallpaper - its a community of people sharing their amazing creations so you will never get bored! Over 6500 submitted themes!

Download new wallpapers daily, like and vote for top backgrounds or get creative and share your own idea.

All in a well optimised package, the app never runs anything in the background and on a daily basis wont use more than 1% of your total battery life.
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