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Versi Terbaru

NamaManga Space APK
Versi1.14 (14)
Diupdate13 Apr 2020
DeveloperRodion Konioshko
KategoriAplikasi, Komik

Aplikasi Manga Space

The newest and most advanced free manga reader

Manga Space is a free app for reading manga online/offline.

Our goal was to take manga readers to the next level and so we did with a gorgeous UI and by implementing features that no other manga reader has yet to implement.


Online & Offline mode - launching the app with or without network will result in different screens indicating whether you are in online or offline mode. In online mode you'll see the main screen with the default categories/your selected categories (Top 5) while in offline mode you'll see an awesome image indicating that you’re without network. You’ll always be able to transition between Offline to Online mode by swiping from top to bottom in the main screen.

Autocomplete text & Vocal search - clicking on the search icon in the main screen will start the search process, each letter that you’ll type will trigger an update and you will see all the relevant manga that contains the letter/s that you’ve typed, images of those manga will be shown as well. Clicking on the microphone will trigger the vocal search, name the manga and it will search for it.

Latest read button - clicking on the timer arrow button at the bottom of the right corner in the main screen will navigate you to the last manga that you’ve read, if you’re in Online mode it will navigate you to latest Online manga that you’ve read, and if you’re in Offline mode it will navigate you to the latest Offline manga that you’ve read.

Manga Info - clicking on a manga image will take you to this screen, you’ll see all the information about the manga, a start/resume button that will indicate your progress in the current manga, pressing the star button will add that manga to your favorites. Swiping from right to left will take you to the Chapters List where you can browse all the chapters and adjust the order they are currently in by clicking the reverse button (e.g.,1-700 or 700-1), the cloud button will take you to the downloads where you can download chapters of that manga. Swiping from right to left again will take you to the Relevant Videos which will show YouTube videos relevant to that manga.

Manga Reader - clicking on a chapter or the start/resume button will start the manga reader, reader features horizontal/vertical orientation, orientation lock, page change, share chapter &share image.

Menu Items:
Latest Releases - get the latest manga updates.
Categories - read manga from your favorite categories.
Manga List - browse all of the manga.
Favorites - view your favorite manga.
Offline Manga - read all the manga that you’ve downloaded.

Settings Items:
Daily Notifications - create your own daily notifications showing latest releases/your favorites, Hourly favorites check will try to check every hour if a chapter of one of your favorite manga has been published and if so you’ll receive a silent notification.
Daily Widget - get the latest updates of the latest releases/your favorites into a cool widget that will display them on your main screen.
Main Screen Categories - choose your top 5 manga categories to adjust the main screen to your taste.
Online Reader Sync - sync data between multiply devices, read from your phone & tablet from the same place that you’ve stopped in either of them.

Ads - no Ads between pages,1 Ad per chapter,1 Ad per download request.

Manga Source - mangareader.net, support them if you’re reading on a PC.

Contact Us - mangaspacesup@gmail.com
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