Mic: Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker APK

Mic: Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker


Mikrofon Langsung Bluetooth Mic Speaker adalah aplikasi luar biasa untuk mengirim audio ke speaker


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11 Okt 2021

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Aplikasi Mic: Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker

Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker just sends your audio to the loud speaker through your phone mic with the Bluetooth connection. This app sends the audio to speaker without any wired connection.
The app work with Bluetooth to send audio to speaker.

By connecting your phone to sound output device(AUX, Bluetooth) you can use the app as a microphone.

Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker also have the ability to record the audio. You can save/record audio with the app.

Live microphone Bluetooth mic speaker has an audio player through which you can play mp3, waves, opus(whats-app send audio) and also you can play your recorded audio.
Opus is an audio format that can be sent through whats-app voice message.

Live Bluetooth Mice speaker can be used for giving presentation, announcements in colleges, public places, airport, railways etc and in those places where you want to announce some special announcements to others.

If you can't hear well, you can also use this app for hearing purpose. The app could also be used as a stethoscope to hear your heart or your heart beating rate.

If you want to make a loud noise, use the app as megaphone.

This app works very simply. Just connect your mobile device to the other Bluetooth device and your launch Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker. Your phone will be converted into Mic and announcement microphone.

--> Very simple and easy to install
--> Voice quality controller
--> Use as a real time voice/audio Mic speaker
--> Facility of recording your audio
--> Use a Micro Phone
--> Simple and easy to Use

Live Microphone Bluetooth Mic Speaker: Mice Announcement is very simple app just sends audio from your mic to the loudspeaker.
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