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Versi Terbaru

NamaNBA Player Quiz APK
Versi1.2 (3)
Diupdate02 Okt 2021
DeveloperLR Mobile Apps
KategoriGame, Trivia

Diupdate - Yang Baru

Added 5 new current players: Reggie Bullock, Maurice Harkless, Sterling Brown, Justin Holiday, T.J. McConnell

Game NBA Player Quiz

NBA Quiz about (current and former) NBA players

In the NBA Player Quiz, the user has 150 seconds per player to guess the (current or former) NBA player. There are five hints for each player and five different players per round.

If the answer is correct, the user gets 50 points plus the remaining time on the clock.

Four categories can be selected: Active players, players of the 2000s, players of the 80s and 90s, and players who were active before the 80s. For some players, the eras overlap (e.g. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). In this case, the player was assigned to the category in which he played a large part of his career. If a player is in the category "current", this does not automatically mean that the player is currently under contract in the NBA. It can also be a player who is out of contract or who ended his career only a few years ago.
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