New farming simulation 21 : Modern Tractor Sim APK

New farming simulation 21 : Modern Tractor Sim


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Versi Terbaru

NamaNew Farming Simulator 19- Farmer Life Pro APK
Versi1.1 (13)
Diupdate30 Jan 2020
DeveloperGame Nitro Studio
KategoriAplikasi, Otomotif & Kendaraan

Aplikasi New farming simulation 21 : Modern Tractor Sim

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Let’s experience the farming life and play the top farming new featured simulator 2021 and enjoy life with modern farming vehicles! The farming profession needs a lot of hard work, time, astuteness, and dedication. Being a real modern farmer of a top and great farming profession is really a hard life to have and harvest crops, transport woods, taking care of cows, look after sheep and livestock, and drive the technical farmers’ tractor. This real farming game boosts your agriculture career with the help of modern farming carriers. Enjoy views in the new farmers' app. Top farming 19 let you experience the farming life and shows you what’s it like to be the real farmer life as you will perform all farming duties as a real farmer to harvest crops, fields, throwing seeds in the productive fields, plow the farming fields, managing the dairy products, managing the farming animals, taking care of the farming vehicles, this is the real farm life adventure and missions of harvesting with the best simulation transport machines. A real top farming game is available for free on the play store. The new farming game contains multiple features to explore to become a real professional farmer. New farming game is all about real farm traditional farming, this 3D farming game transforms you to a real farmer, you can become a professional farmer by installing this realistic farming game with all the latest modern farming machines. Explore various farming levels to enjoy the gameplay and live a really great farm life as a modern farmer. Experience the great farming life with the newest farm expert mobile app, transport wheat & woods, harvest the fields with the real harvester, cultivate the crops by using the cultivator, seed the fields by seeding machinery and perform many more tasks in this farming duty. Have fun using the newest farm expert mobile game to sow, plow, harvest, cultivate, water spraying, pesticide spraying, and seeding etc. Download this best farmers game to transport the real farming livestock! The real farming game lets you live a real farm life in the beautiful village environment. You will see sheep, trees, fields, cows, and greenery everywhere. At the start you as a real farmer will plow wheat crops; firstly in this top new farmer app you attach the agriculture plow machine and follow the map to plow. As a modern farmer, you will clear this level if you plow the whole field with the farming machine in the given specified time. Then you will perform next farmer duty to watering the fields so that your crops can stay fresh and cool in the season, attach the water sprayer before going to your farming fields. Take care of your crops because there is a possibility that pesticides, insects may attack your beautiful crops and wheat so keep an eye to look after and spray pesticide chemicals to save your crops. This would be the real farming experience for you, in this only one real farming 2019 game you are exploring a lot of farming adventures. Then visit the best city market to sell your wheat crops in the real farmers market. Plough the corn crop by a real farming vehicle by the given directed 3D map. Perform these real farming responsibilities as a modern farmer. Go to wheat crops to spray the water by bestowing water machine. The newest farm expert mobile app is the great platform to transport woods, harvest crops, seed the fields and enjoys farming. In corn crops season you as a real modern farmer has to harvest and sell them. Get this new farmer game for the best farming experiences!

Key features
1. Become a modern farmer
2. Challenging levels and missions to improve real farming life
3. A realistic 3D farming user interface to enhance the farming life
4. Manage your giant farm
5. Highly detailed HD farming graphics
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