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Physics Wallah


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Versi Terbaru

NamaPhysics Wallah APK
Versi12.61 (61)
Diupdate01 Des 2021
DeveloperAlakh Pandey
KategoriAplikasi, Pendidikan

Diupdate - Yang Baru

New Library added for more content.
Youtube lag issue fixed.
Minor bug fixed.
Ask doubt will now be for comprehensive.

Aplikasi Physics Wallah

Fisika Wallah memberikan konten berkualitas kepada setiap anak secara Gratis / Biaya minimum.

Physics is Love.12th IIT JEE & NEET preparation.

Live Classes, Video Lectures, Test series, Lecture wise notes, Topic Wise Assignments with best questions, Dynamic Exercise and much more.

Almost 90% content on this App is for FREE and will always be.

The founder, Alakh Pandey stands for education for every child irrespective of it's economic Status.
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