POST NetTest menganalisis koneksi Internet Anda secara real time.


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28 Mei 2019
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Aplikasi POST NetTest

POST NetTest enables the speeds of your fixed Internet, Wi-Fi and mobile connection to be tested accurately, and free of charge, using advanced technology.

You measure all the data speeds in real time: receiving data (download), sending data (upload) and the response time (ping) between the server and your device.
All the results, which are displayed as graphics, are generated accurately, reliably and securely.

The measurement report gives you a detailed display of all the information on the service provider, the device used, the output parameters and the test specifications.
The tests log enables you to follow speed variations and you can also delete tests that you no longer want to be displayed.

The application helps you to detect any connection problem. If required, the POST Help Desk can even monitor the results of your test remotely, and in real time, to help you in resolving a speed-related problem.

POST NetTest complies with European laws on the BEREC calculation and data protection. The statistics and results obtained are used for the purposes of improving the network, in strict compliance with data management.

Testing the quality of your Internet connection and its output power has never been so simple!
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