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Versi Terbaru

NamaPugi APK
Versi1.2 (3)
Diupdate03 Okt 2018
KategoriGame, Arkade

Game Pugi

Bump dan mental jalan Anda melalui berbagai tingkat dalam permainan ini arcade menyenangkan!

Pugi is an tilt and tumble platformer game where you bounce and roll your way through all sorts of obstacles to collect as many stars as you can for the highest rank. With simple tilt controls it's easy to pick up and play and you can chose between two different game modes. Play through 50 randomly generated levels in the Campaign Mode and collect all the stars as quickly as you can. There's also a Time Attack mode where you try to finish as many levels as possible on a single life, there's a countdown timer though so be sure to collect as many hourglasses as you can to increase your time limit and shoot for the high score!
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