Quick Reboot OneUI (Non Root) APK

Quick Reboot OneUI (Non Root)


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Versi Terbaru

NamaQuickRebootOneUI APK
Versi2.0 (37)
Diupdate10 Nov 2019
KategoriAplikasi, Produktivitas

Aplikasi Quick Reboot OneUI (Non Root)

Reboot Cepat untuk Perangkat One-root Samsung OneUI

This app needs adb permission set once after install (plug in to PC )
- Only for Samsung Oneui devices
- Quick Reboot faster
- Refresh systemui for themes
- Less battery drain for reboot process

if you update from previous version, please Clear Data of the app first.
- install the app from playstore, open it and with adb grant write secure setting permission (as written / instructed in app)
- click Exit from within the app, then enter app setting info for notification, turn off notif for Monitor, Placeholder and Warning (if any)
- open App, then you can use Quick Reboot button, or tick instant reboot option then exit, for Instant reboot on next app click
- To reset / undo Instant Reboot, Clear Data of the app, then the page will show again.
- You can add QS shortcut to launch QuickReboot app with 3rd party app like Quicktile, or put in button/gesture mapper.
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