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14 Agt 2018
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Game Refugee Raft 2

Refugee Raft 2 is an intense arcade game where you control a raft through a river full of dangers. Your reflexes will be put to a real test.

Collect coins as you traverse diverse landscapes at high speeds, and spend your coins on new stuff! Upgradeable power-ups and unlockable raft skins spice the game up to epic degrees!

What will your best score be? Show your skills and secure your place on the leaderboard! Tell your friends about Refugee Raft 2 and compete to see who is able to achieve the highest score!

Refugee Raft 2's features:
• Fun and fast arcade gameplay
• Polished graphics
• Smooth performance
• Unlockable raft skins
• Upgradeable powerups
• Online leaderboards
• Guaranteed updates in the future!

Refugee Raft 2 was created by plan C.

plan C on Twitter: https://twitter.com/planCdev
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