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Versi Terbaru

NamaReverse Dungeon APK
Versi1.0.0 (1009)
Diupdate17 Jul 2021
KategoriGame, RPG

Game Reverse Dungeon

Reverse Dungeon is a vertical version of the dungeon RPG mobile game

The Demon Prince intends to gain power in a grand sacrifice that has been planned for a long time. Amid the ritual, he unexpectedly lost all his strength and could not bear to lose control of the Demon world he once ruled. For the first time, he sets out on his path to revenge.

In the game, players will play the role of a young Demon Prince who has been beaten to his initial form, and explore and conquer the world of cute monsters, and reclaim his own power.

Refreshing combat styles, Roguelike gameplay and more content await you!

Pets: Evolve your pets to the next level, retrieve these glorious old times back.
Gear: exquisite gears dropped from the monsters, loot the best ones and gear up yourself!

Innovative Gemstone gameplay makes it possible to change the difficulty of the game at any time! By adjusting the brightness of the Gemstone to personalize the difficulty of the monsters. In addition, a unique Entry system is incorporated to ensure the fun and strategy of the game.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the game, please email:
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