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Skippy - Better English, Better Life!


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NamaSkippy APK
Versi1.24.12 (249)
Diupdate15 Agt 2021
DeveloperPlain Bagel Inc.
KategoriAplikasi, Pendidikan

Aplikasi Skippy - Better English, Better Life!

Pembelajaran video yang meningkatkan bahasa Inggris.<br>Belajar bahasa Inggris dengan mudah dengan menonton video!

Skippy helps you learn English like a native speaker.

Our major features
1. Vocabulary Lock screen
2. Speaking practice
3. All videos subtitled
4. Real time dictionary
5. Speed control, A-B repeat, and many more options at your convenience

Categories we cover
- Light bulb moments for all the rationalizers, deflectors, quitters and procrastinators.

Tech & Science
- Take a journey from your brain to the universe. Let's be a proud nerd.

Social Studies
- If you want to sound like an educated belletrist, Nash and Plato are always your men.

Art & Culture
- Would a rose by any other color smell as sweet? Shakespeare might not know, but Warhol would.

We curate videos from
∙ TED-ed
∙ Bloomberg
∙ Quartz
∙ Crash Course
∙ Vox
∙ Kurzgesakt
∙ Khan academy
∙ and the like.
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